Meet Mav 👋

Automate lead qualification and follow up with text messaging

Mav has AI-powered texting conversations to qualify and follow up with leads at the exact right time. Bridge the gap between sales and marketing by automating the process of working new and legacy leads, so you can focus your attention on the ready-to-close leads.

Like another member of your sales team, Mav is ready to run sales playbooks for you. Easily configure a playbook from our catalog, or design your own to drive calls, demos, follow ups, or virtually any other sales outcome.

Integrating with Mav is simple. Import leads, use Zapier, or integrate with webhooks. Mav will instantly start texting and working leads for you right away, and keep you in the loop with activity and outcome notifications. Leave the 24/7 sales grind work to Mav.

See How Mav Re-Engages This Lead:

Notice how Mav follows up with leads over the course of days, even weeks, finding the perfect time for you to call them back. Fully automated magic meets a real conversation for your leads. 🔮

All of the research shows customers prefer to text. Mav can have thousands of conversations at once, run multiple sales playbooks simultaneously and never forgets to follow up.

We'd love to show you all of the ways Mav can work for your sales team. Schedule a quick discovery call today.