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Automate your sales, close more happy customers.

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How Mav Works

Always Available

Mav never sleeps. Prospects can reach your Mav chatbot 24/7 on SMS and Facebook Messenger.

Automatically Qualify

Mav educates and qualifies leads for you, so you can focus on closing the vetted prospects.

Automatically Follow Up

Mav sends timely follow ups to re-engage customers who drop off at any point in the conversation.

Lead Inbox

See your leads become qualified from our simple dashboard. In addition to the information Mav collects from the conversation, we go one step further and enrich your leads with profile information from the internet.

Got an 800 number?

Bring a whole new life to your toll-free number. Mav text-enables your existing phone number for an even better user experience in one place. Call or text, who knew your 800 number could do so much?

Reach Customers Where They Already Are

Make the most of messaging platforms. Supercharge your advertising by attaching your chatbot to your Google Adwords and Facebook Messenger Ad campaigns and start conversations instantly.

Why Hire Mav?

Sales and marketing teams need to do more with less. Mav is your secret weapon.

Speed to market

A dedicated onboarding manager gets you up and running fast, so you can start seeing qualified leads in your inbox.

Set up for success

Our experts tailor a success plan to help you launch, optimize, and scale Mav to meet your goals.

No programming needed

NLP? AI? Machine Learning? Confused?? No problem. Tech skills are not required with Mav.