Meet  Mav 👋

The automated, two-way texting robot.

We mean fully autonomous conversations with your leads and customers. Not SMS broadcasts, one-way alerts or promotional text spam. A real two-way experience with texts they can actually reply to.

A significant portion of your sales team's time is spent working leads. Are they still interested? Will you remember to follow up with them next Tuesday? Will they send you to voicemail again? This is where Mav comes in.

Here's a look at Mav in action:

Notice how Mav follows up with your leads over the course of days, even weeks, finding the perfect time for you to call them back. Fully automated. It's like magic. 🔮

Of course, Mav can text about other things too. Mav is great at qualifying leads, re-engaging existing customers with new offers, or following up with leads who drop off during applications.

All of the research shows customers prefer to text. Mav can have thousands of conversations at once, run multiple sales playbooks simultaneously and never forgets to follow up.

Mav integrates directly with your CRM and starts working leads for you as soon as they're flagged. Just like another member of your team. Leave the 24/7 grind work to Mav and let your team get back to closing more deals.

We'd love to show you all of the ways Mav can work for your team. Schedule a quick demo today.