Mav costs a fraction of a sales development rep's salary. 🎉

Mav helps you and your sales team close more deals. 24/7. 365.


+ $5.00 per lead

Automate lead qualification and close more deals

  • Dashboard

  • Analytics

  • Lead Inbox

  • Custom SMS Number

  • Facebook Messenger

  • Twitter Direct Message

  • Website Integration

  • Sales Chatbot Script

  • Zapier Integration

  • Lead Enrichment

  • 9-5 Human Support

  • Knowledge Base

Note First month includes onboarding $2,500 fee.


Automate lead qualification and sales activities

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  • Everything Above

  • Kickoff Strategy

  • Custom Chatbot Script

  • Custom API Integrations

  • Advance Team Training

  • Optimizations and ROI Review

What does the Setup Fee cover?

Our setup fee covers the onboarding and implementation of Mav within your sales team. Our process is strategically designed to ensure a successful launch for new customers, and continued success with Mav. Onboarding may include, but is not limited to:

  • A dedicated Implementation Specialist.
  • Conversation Design and feedback based on your provided sales script.
  • Future recommendations and assistance with leads and advertising with Mav.

How will Mav learn my company's sales script?

We use a hybrid of machine learning and our internal human team. If there any changes we suggest to improve the performance of your script, they will require your approval.

How long does setup take?

Setup will take at most 14 days, but we aim to have bots trained as quickly as possible.

What number will I be given for SMS?

We will provide you with a dedicated 800 number for your customers to text.

What is lead enrichment?

Mav looks up a user's information by their phone or email in order to speed up qualification.

Do you support a custom SMS short code?

Yes, contact [email protected] for pricing.

Do you charge extra based on Salesforce users?

Nope! Our pricing is all inclusive.